Public Relations: A Rose, By Any Other Name . . .

Is “Public Relations” a proper title for what we do on a daily basis? Public Relations used to be a fairly narrow field, where the main goal was to protect the reputation and image of clients and gain exposure for them with the help of the media.

Now, an account executive’s role involves writing extensive content, marketing, and running social media channels/websites, in addition to pitching to the media. Suffice to say, we wear a lot of hats. So, is Public Relations a proper title?

Jeffrey Sharlach of JeffreyGroup brings up in this article from PR Week how PR is perceived outside of the industry. The sad truth is, for as much work as we in the industry are putting in, we only get credit for the “old PR” tasks. Multiple companies are making the change of branding themselves as a marketing or strategic communications firm to avoid the PR backlash.

Where do you think PR is headed as an industry? Will we be able to salvage the everyday opinions of the term, or will we be forced to coin our expertise with a new term?

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