Monthly Archives: May 2014

Digital Marketing: Join the Click

social mediaDigital marketing and the use of social media, the Internet, and applications have changed the way that agencies and companies connect with their customers. What used to be a world of massive, generic campaigns has now changed to carefully crafted, personal messages. With tremendous options when it comes to spending their money, customers only pay attention to those brands they like and relate to. Marketers are left scrambling for ways to be seen as “that” brand.

The battle for customers has increased apace with shopping options. The “noise” is so great that advertisers have had to change the way they reach out to target audiences. Companies are realizing that the best way to “market” to their customers is to engage them through channels where they will not view the interaction as a sales pitch.

Digital marketing allows companies and brands to develop creative and unique ways to engage with customers. Facebook giveaways, Amazon’s “personalized” emails to customers, Starbucks’ app, executive blogging and companies responding to customer posts via Twitter. This is not to blindside the customer, but rather to communicate with them while they are not feeling the stress of everyday life.

With these interactions, brands are seeking to connect, to create memorable moments, and make it more likely that customers will remember them when it comes time to make a purchase.

My favorite digital marketing trend is the elevation of online advertising to entertainment. Witness the viral success of Dollar Shave Club, Poo-Pourri and Orabrush.

These are new products, but the concept holds true even for something as old-school as a book. At Brad Kuhn & Associates, we’ve been producing a lot of video book trailers lately for a small press looking for innovative ways to help new authors compete with the marketing efforts of bigger, better-funded publishers. Here is a recent example: View The River’s Memory Book Trailer.

The key to being successful in today’s market is being creative and interesting. In the words of marketing guru Paul Greenberg, “You have to have something interesting to bring to the table, otherwise you will be ignored.”